Le Temps des Grenadines - I was - CHAPITRE 1

"The dawn of a new life where time bends perception.

The past fades out, some moments need memory, establishment…"


Gelatin sylver photographs - Hand made by Dan Aucante - Limited edition of 15


"Childhood incarnates the absolute and unalterable values of time and the passing of generations. Nevertheless, childhood’s innocent games, truthful words, faithful friendships and universe of wonder fade away every time our lives reach a new stage. As he search his memory for those values, he rediscover his past, in which his own child is the anonymous actor of those moments suspended in time.  Then come the emotions of the present, that of a father contemplating the childhood of his son, who is building his own personality and expressing his own desires through his imagination and sense of wonder.  And lastly, there is the future, the questions over the inexorable passing of time, the fears of facing inescapable losses, the passing of generations. The three time factions are deliberately timeless.  Through childhood, they take us on the path of life, of our life."



© 2016 Dan Aucante Photography - All rights reserved -  Legal Notice

© 2016 Dan Aucante Photography - All rights reserved -  Legal Notice