"Work-in progress..."

Adolescence is a passage, a moment of hesitation before a tipping point. It's a stage of transformation. It is within this interstice that « Fire Game – The Passengers » sets its field of investigation.

In the quest for this moment suspended in time, I go to meet teenagers in various places, and take pictures of them, individually, or in groups.

Immersed in the declining light of the end of the day, on the edge of towns or enfolded in  nature, these portraits are both a mirror for these teenagers, actively involved in this photographic process and aware of it, and an attempt to capture their inner turmoils, in their relationship with space and with themselves. This passage from day to night symbolizes the rapid passage of time for these fast-developing bodies. The colorful fireworks and rockets, metaphors for the fire and incandescence within these adolescents, set a light on their attraction for games, prohibition and danger, but also on the fleeting and magnificent beauty of their youth.

Deliberately far from a report, « The Passengers » sees itself as a personal research with a vocation not to give answers, but to capture emotions, questions and uncertainties, and to pick up cues, adding sensitivity to a documentary approach to the subject.




© 2016 Dan Aucante Photography - All rights reserved -  Legal Notice

© 2016 Dan Aucante Photography - All rights reserved -  Legal Notice